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I posted this as a comment on a friend's LJ and realized that I should also post on mine. My disgust for this "law" is unending.

The law is so dangerous because it also gives individuals the right to sue the police for failing to enforce the law.

Arizona is going to have an avalanche of lawsuits, probably from both sides. And it is clear that this will not solve the problems that I understand were the basis for its passage. Drug cartels really aren't going to care if they are pulled over - they simply will shoot their way out. It is the innocent worker who will bear the brunt of it along with innocent civilians.

My grandparents died in Nazi Austria because of quotas. I am a firm believer in no quota immigration. We may not want the criminals (though of course, that notorious criminal, John Lennon, had problems with INS!) but otherwise, let in and legalize. Give meaning to the statute of Liberty. Don't become like the Nazis.

Climbing down off of my soapbox.

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Date: 2010-04-30 01:48 pm (UTC)
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Date: 2010-05-04 04:45 pm (UTC)
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Not only does this law disgust me, but the venom and lies being spread about it disgust me too. Blaming "illegal aliens" for all our problems is an obstacle to actually solving them. Before I stopped listening to the talk show on the local radio station I used to hear local people spewing all sorts of nastyness about illegal aliens causing problems here. The people they were (and presumably still are) talking about are Puerto Ricans - US citizens by birth, not aliens legal or illegal. Too many people simply want someone else to blame and blaming "illegal aliens" is a good cover for their prejudices which would be far less acceptable if described more accurately as being ethnic/racial prejudice.

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Date: 2010-05-05 07:01 pm (UTC)
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I understand that. I never listen to talk radio because of what it does to my blood pressure. :)

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Date: 2010-05-05 07:15 pm (UTC)
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The local station used to have an interesting talk show where people talked about all sorts of local events and topics, mostly not particularly political in nature. Then the host retired and the new guy let the nut cases take over and never tried to make them stick to the truth. Still, I kept listening for a while because the station has good news reports each hour. I finally gave up though because the things being said were definitely not good for my blood pressure and hearing the good local news and other stuff just wasn't worth hearing the bad stuff.

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Date: 2010-05-07 08:56 pm (UTC)
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I sometimes think the worst thing I ever did for my blood pressure was going back to news. I was a 3 newspaper a day junkie, broke the habit but now I am an online and cable (not FOX) news junkie. Sigh.


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