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It has been a truly up and down time recently.  I can't let the murder of Dr. George Tiller go without mention of this brave man.  He will be truly missed.  And it seems terribly ironic that I wanted to take about Mayhem in the Midlands anyway.

On a more personal note, Mayhem in the Midlands, a mystery convention run by the Omaha Public Library, was wonderful.  It was lovely to spend time with my Omaha friends and other Mayhem regulars.  Dana Stabenow was a wonderful guest of honor.  And even better, she tracked down and IMAX showing Star Trek so that was what we did on Thursday night.  If you have any interest in the Trek universe at all, this is a must see. 

My hat is off to the multi-talented Dana.  Much of which was revealed by an excellent interview by the Toastmaster, Jan Burke.  It was so nice to catch up not only with Jan, but also with Tim.  We don't see enough of Tim.

And I can't say enough about the Caroline Willner International Guest of Honor, Zoe Sharp.  I was lucky enough to win a character in her series at the charity auction but was having trouble deciding if it should be me or Mother.  Zoe resolved this in the most amazing way - the character was originally going to be the daugher of a father seeking Charlie's help.  It is now a mother and daughter - Caroline and Dina Willner.  Thank you, Zoe, from the bottom of my heart.

The spouses' panel was great with both Tim and Andy Butler (Zoe's husband) being great panelists.  But then they are both great men so no surprises there.

I also have to mention a great new series which I recently started (thanks, Maria!) - the Kate Daniels' books by Ilona Andrews.  Wonderful urban fantasy setting. 


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